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Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains are permanent vascular birth marks. They derive their name from the dark red or purple color that “stains” the skin. Port wine stains often appear on the face but can appear anywhere on the body. They get darker and thicker over time and sometimes develop an irregular or pebbled surface. Although most […]

Introducing Carita® of Paris Skin Care Line

Carita® provides luxurious beauty care for the face, body and hair. Carita skin care products help to hydrate, firm and smooth your skin. They are designed for all skin types. There are numerous products available that can: Smooth wrinkles and fine lines Cleanse and hydrate the skin Restore skin firmness and tone Reduce imperfections Lighten […]

Roche Drug Is First To Extend Survival Significantly

Until now, no treatment has increased survival significantly in melanoma patients with metastases – cancer cells that have spread beyond the original tumor site. Average survival for Stage III and IV patients has been about eight months. However, a Phase III controlled trial of the experimental drug RG7204 (aka PLX4032), manufactured by the Swiss drug […]

FDA Makes Changes to Sunscreen Labels

The FDA has announced significant changes to sunscreen products that will help consumers decide how to buy and use sunscreen, and allow them to more effectively protect themselves and their families from sun-induced damage. Read more

Dear Doctor Mole mapping monitors for melanoma

Mole mapping typically involves photography of the entire body. These photographs, which are saved digitally, serve as a baseline and assist the physician during a patient’s annual skin exam. It is particularly useful in monitoring people at higher risk for melanoma, including individuals with numerous moles, a history of dysplastic or atypical moles, a personal […]