PRP For Hair Loss

What is platelet rich plasma?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is high concentration of your own platelets in a small volume of plasma. Platelets are a natural source of a number of growth factors.

What happens during the procedure?

First, a special collection tube is used to draw your blood and it is then placed into a centrifuge. The blood is then spun in the centrifuge until the platelets are concentrated and drawn up into a syringe. The medical provider will then inject the platelets into the scalp using fine needs. Each injection is strategically placed, focusing on the area that needs improvement.

Is there any downtime with PRP?

There is no downtime with PRP for hair loss. You may resume normal activities, but avoid applying harsh chemicals and dyes to the scalp and hair for 48 hours.

When will I see results?

PRP is not a cure for baldness. Several treatments will be necessary to achieve results. Yearly touch up treatments will also be necessary.

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