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What is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion provides the ultimate non-invasive exfoliation. It is a quick, relatively painless,  15 minute procedure with no downtime. During the procedure, passes over the face with a diamond tipped wand attached to a vacuum will retexture the skin by exfoliating the top layer and  removing dead skin cells. In addition to the immediate benefits […]

Teledermatology is here! Now offering online visits…

Are you a college student that can’t get home easily?  Do you have trouble getting time off work?  Are you doing well but need refills on a maintenance medication?  Are you on vacation with a rash that has suddenly developed?  Do you dread sitting in your dermatologist’s waiting room? Have no fear… Teledermatology is here!  […]

Jublia… WOW! It really works!

Have you ever looked down at your nails and wondered, “OMG!  What is that yellow stuff growing under my nail?!  What did I pick up from that last manicure or pedicure I had two months ago?!”  Well, you probably have a fungal infection.  In the past, treatment for nail infections required months of oral medications.  […]

What should I do with my face?

Would Botox work for me?  Should I get a chemical peel?  What moisturizer should I use?  Over 50% of our patients have questions regarding their skin care products and cosmetic procedures.  It is often difficult to fully address these concerns during their regular medical visit.  Therefore, we have decided to offer free consultations to answer […]