What should I do with my face?

Would Botox work for me?  Should I get a chemical peel?  What moisturizer should I use?  Over 50% of our patients have questions regarding their skin care products and cosmetic procedures.  It is often difficult to fully address these concerns during their regular medical visit.  Therefore, we have decided to offer free consultations to answer the question, “What should I do with my face?”  Once a month, we will offer free 15 minute consultations on skin care and cosmetic procedures.  We will advise you on the benefits, side effects, and costs of treatments that would be appropriate for your skin type.  If we recommend a service or procedure that we do not offer, we will do our best to refer you to the appropriate provider.  Our first sessions will be Thursday April 11, 2013 by appointment only.  Call now to schedule.  724-935-9133.

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