Thinning Hair? Losing Hair? Ain’t Got No Hair?


Not long ago, wearing a wig was a bit of a taboo and definitely something you didn’t advertise or talk about openly.

Oh, how the times have changed, and quickly!

Thanks to celebrities and pop culture, wigs have become a fashion statement and highly desirable accessory.  A-List celebrities such as Beyonce, Wendy Williams, John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, and Nicki Minaj all wear wigs as part of their look.

The New York Times recently wrote a piece on Master Wigmakers, Last of a Vanishing Breed.

Check it out here :

The article states that the demand for wigs has never been higher.  Despite this high demand, the number of actual master wigmakers is dwindling.  It seems to be an Old World Trade which has been lost in the technological and manufacturing age.

To masterfully craft a wig from scratch takes over 40 hours and 150,000 knots.

Nicholas Piazza is one such master craftsman who has created some of the most sought-after wigs made from natural human hair with intricate hairlines which blend well into the skin.  Mr. Piazza is one of the most famous of such old school craftsmen in New York.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with fakes and cheap knock-offs.  Many of these wigs are made in China and are lower quality with synthetic materials.  They often fall apart easily or are uncomfortable to wear.

“A lot of the people who call their wigs ‘custom,’” Mr. Piazza said, “they just write up the order and send it to the Orient and then when they get it, they’ll do some tweaking.”

Are you are looking for a high quality wig?  Do your research and don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations.

I own three wigs myself!

If you’re in New York you should definitely look up Nicholas Piazza before he retires!

If you’re here in Pittsburgh, we suggest stopping in to Dean of Shadyside for a complimentary consultation with Ray Leonard who has over 30 years experience working with wigs.
Debra Tanner Abell, M.D.

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