The Vbeam® Pulse Dye Laser

vbeam (1)Port wine stains can be effectively treated with the Vbeam® pulse dye laser by Candela. The Vbeam pulse dye laser has been a gold standard in laser treatment for vascular conditions for over 20 years. Treatment with the Vbeam laser is fast, safe, effective and comfortable.

The pulsed dye laser penetrates the skin, targeting the red pigment and blood vessels that cause the “stains”. When the pulsed dye laser penetrates the skin, it vaporizes the tissue that causes the discolored appearance without causing damage to the surrounding skin. In addition, a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) prevents post-treatment bruising, offering patients little to no downtime after treatment.

Several treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve desired results and the number of sessions may vary based on the location of the birthmark, and the age of the patient.

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