Annual Skin Exams Save Lives!

According to a recent study in Germany, annual exams have been shown to lower melanoma death rates by 50% due to early detection of abnormal appearing or changing moles.

skin-checkAnnual skin examinations are an important tool for cancer screening and are recommended for all patients. During these screenings, any suspicious growths, moles, or lesions are detected and existing growths are monitored. Annual screenings detect abnormalities at their earliest stages, when they are most treatable.

During a full-body skin exam, the skin over the entire body, including the scalp, will be examined. A bright light and magnifying glass may be used to see the skin more clearly and to analyze anything suspicious. To classify a mole, Dr. Abell will evaluate its color, size, border and any asymmetries. If any suspicious lesions are discovered, additional testing and possibly a biopsy may be performed.

Annual skin examinations are a quick and painless preventive measure for skin cancer, as well as many other dermatological conditions. Patients who are at high risk for skin cancer or who have had previous skin cancers are typically advised to undergo skin examinations with greater frequency than other patients.

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