Thermage® CPT

The NEW Thermage® CPT System provides revolutionary non-invasive face and body “lifts” that will leave you with firmer skin and more attractively contoured features. With superior results and greater patient comfort using painless radiofrequency energy, Thermage CPT tightens loose and sagging skin to restore youthful vigor to the desired areas. By altering deep skin tissues, it provides dramatic rejuvenation that is quick, safe, effective and long-lasting. Best of all, Thermage CPT involves no downtime, so you can have the procedure done on your lunch break and return to your normal activities immediately. Thermage® CPT has:

  • Improved efficacy due to more uniform heating and increased volume of tissue reaching therapeutic temperatures
  • Comfort Pulse Technology, including a vibrating handpiece, to deliver enhanced patient comfort
  • A sleek, ergonomically designed handpiece improves ease-of-use and treatment efficiency
  • Seamless integration with the new Thermage Body Tip 16.0 for faster body treatment

Thermage CPT is renowned as “the non-surgical facelift” thanks to its effective non-surgical treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in the mid-face, eyelids and brow. Now, Thermage CPT also offers quick, non-invasive, no-downtime skin tightening for many other areas of the body such as the arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, legs and hands.

Now you can enjoy younger, more supple, contoured skin in one easy procedure.

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